Diabetics: Be Safe Handling a Raw Turkey for Thanksgiving!

Before removing the turkey from the refrigerator, the kitchen sink and counter nearby are wiped with warm soapy water to leave squeaky clean.

To start, I do not buy thawed turkeys. To monitor the thawing process correctly, I purchase it frozen. At least four to five days before Thanksgiving Day, I put the turkey in a large shallow dish to thaw properly under refrigeration.


  1. Adjust the racks in the oven to accommodate the turkey and pan.
  2. Set the oven to the desired temperature.
  3. Put on the counter the roasting pan with a covering, knives, and tongs that are clean and dry, and a small garbage bag. Everything is within easy reach of the sink for later use.
  4. Favorite turkey seasonings should be measured out beforehand, ready to use from a small dish.

The Actual Preparation:

  1. Put on my clean bib apron and disposable plastic gloves. (Another pair nearby if needed.)
  2. I put the thawed turkey in the sanitized sink and cut away the packaging.
  3. The packaging is cut wide open to let any thawed juices drain away. I pull out the neck, liver, heart, and gizzards, place them in the dish for later use.
  4. Set the turkey into the baking pan. My gloved hands are ready to rub on the seasonings and fill with stuffing. (Hold off putting the covering on the pan at this time.)
  5. The contaminated packaging and gloves go into the garbage bag and immediately taken to the outside garbage container.
  6. After washing my hands thoroughly, the covering is put on the turkey roasting pan and into the oven to cook.


I completely wipe down the countertop and sink with hot soapy water, ready to move on!

Thank you for reading. :-)

Disclaimer: My food and nutrition articles are for informational purposes only. Always follow your healthcare provider’s guidance and orders.



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