Grated cheese makes it easy for the cook.

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For many years chunks and slices of sharp yellow cheddar were all I used in the kitchen.

After analyzing perfect-tasting pizzas and mixed dishes created by great cooks and chefs, I discovered cooking with a combination of cheeses produced remarkable flavors.

So, I started introducing a variety of cheeses into my culinary kitchen. I discovered grating a large amount of cheese ahead of time made it very handy to use when cooking over the week.

Less effort, time, and mess.

I use grated cheese on homemade pizza, nachos, sandwiches, omelets, entrees, and baked potatoes.

Natural kinds of cheese that grate well:

  • Mozzarella.
  • Extra sharp cheddar.
  • Gouda.
  • White cheddar.
  • Pepper jack.
  • Fresh parmesan.

In my opinion, processed cheeses do not grate well. They have their unique place for producing great food but remain in a completely different cooking category.


  1. Grate 1/4 cup of each cheese on a clean cutting board.
  2. Put each amount into one zip lock bag and toss lightly with clean hands or gloves mixing up evenly.
  3. Keep bag airtight and refrigerated.
  4. Use as needed over the week.
  5. Always wash and dry hands thoroughly before reaching into the bag.

Take a look at my pizza article for an idea on using grated cheese efficiently!

Thank you for reading. :-)

Disclaimer: My food and nutrition articles are for informational purposes only. Always follow your healthcare provider’s guidance and orders.



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