Hold Back the Years in Five Simple Steps!

This has been my skin routine since my early twenties and years later, I still have great skin.

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3 min readMay 29, 2021
  1. Water temperature and frequency:
  • Lukewarm water is what I always used to clean my face in the sink and when showering.
  • I try to avoid any hot water on my face and always rinse with cold water to close those pores.
  • I only wash my face twice per day (once in the morning to refresh and at night to remove makeup).

2. Soaps to clean my face:

  • Fragrance-free sensitive soap.
  • Fragrance-free oatmeal soap.

3. Washrag, hand brush, and hand towel:

  • I always use a washrag to clean my face with soap.
  • Change out my washrag and hand towel at least three times per week to limit bacteria growth.
  • After rinsing out the washrag it is hung on a hook to completely air dry. I then use a hand brush to brush all over my face to help rid of dead skin cells, this includes under my chin and on my forehead. (The brush will feel very rough for the first few uses, but soon your skin will love it).
  • After rinsing with cold water, use a hand towel to remove excess water droplets. I then mix in fragrance-free lotion within a few seconds locking in the remaining dampness.
  • Organic witch-hazel tincture is used for toning and to remove any remaining oily particles.
  • Allow time for my face to dry before adding makeup .

4. Nighttime nourishment to seal in moisture overnight:

  • At night after washing my face I immediately lather on a fragrance-free lotion.
  • With lotion still wet, blend in scent free petrolatum jelly or an organic chickweed salve.
  • Fresh coconut milk tincture or organic sesame seed oil for extra moisturizing at night or a lazy day off.

5. Last, but not least:

  • It is not always possible, but I try to avoid sleeping at night with my makeup on.
  • Living in Arizona, wearing sunscreen and a hat when out in long periods of the sun has become a habit.
  • I always look at the ingredient list on lotions for added petrolatum and low alcohol content to prevent dryness.
  • I drink at least six to eight glasses of fresh filtered water per day to keep my skin supple and plump as a grape. If I do not keep up on my water intake, my skin cells feel like they are wizening up like raisins!

It is never too late to start a new skin routine!



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