Making Every Step at Work Add Up!

Whether you are prediabetic or have a history of type 2 diabetes a regular exercise regimen is beneficial. But getting started can be difficult, so in the meantime, a few steps here and there starting with the work office can add up!

Photo by Cook for Today
  • Leave the personal and professional phone in an area that you must get up to answer.
  • Lunch on the go. Walk into the restaurant instead of using the drive-thru at lunchtime.
  • Coffee break. Walk into the coffee shop instead of using the drive-thru.
  • Place the printer and photocopier away from the computer.
  • Keep snack and beverage area away from computer area.
  • To refresh your mind, walk over to a window to stare out.
  • After eating a meal: wash, dry, and put away instead of letting dishes collect until the end of the day.



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Cook for Today

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