Review Medicare health plans now due to changes to 2023 insulin copays.

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2 min readJun 29, 2023

This past January, the Inflation Reduction Act capped monthly copay costs at $35.00 for insulin products covered under Medicare Part D.

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Soon another law will be going into effect this July regarding Medicare Part B lowering monthly copays to $35.00 for insulin used with traditional pumps.

Persons with diabetes utilizing insulin should take the time to ensure their health insurance plan is best for their insulin needs and to save money.

Know that.

  • Not every Medicare health insurance plan is the same.
  • Part D and Part B plans do not always have the same coverage for all insulin prescriptions.

Before we know it, October 15th will be here and is the start of open enrollment or making necessary adjustments to current plans.

Begin a review process now to find out the details of your personal health insurance and check for any special enrollment periods.

Reviewing Medicare information can be confusing, consequently leaving questions unanswered. A discussion with your primary care physician is a good start.

Utilize the following contact information to ease the process of understanding.

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